Monday, September 18, 2017

Dawson and Madison rezoning initiated

The corner of Madison and Dawson will be the subject of a rezoning initiated by Imani Development.  4485 and 4495 Dawson will see a 37 story high-rise tower built atop a 3 story commercial podium.  If successful, this project will move forward to a public hearing next month on October 17.

REZONING REFERENCE #16-27 High Rise Apartment Tower with
 Commercial Podium Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Boffo to transform Springer and Lougheed

A multi-tower project including a public plaza is being proposed by Boffo Developments at 5258 Lougheed Hwy.  When completed, the project will complete the frontage along Lougheed Hwy from Springer Ave eastward to the Rev's Bowling site.

Four Tower Project Planned for Brentwood Site

Boffo Developments has submitted an application to rezone a 4.12 acre site at Lougheed and Springer in the Eastern part of the Brentwood Town Centre area of Burnaby. The site is currently comprised of five older industrial buildings located near the Holdom Skytrain Station. The current zoning is M-2.
The site has a designation of RM-5s designation in the Brentwood Town Centre Development Plan. Boffo is proposing a four-tower project to be established by a master plan over the entire site. Phase 1 would occur in the Northeast corner of the site, and future rezoning applications would be required for the subsequent three phases.
Details include:
  • Four residential towers from 25 to 40-storeys;
  • Above-ground parking screened by street fronting townhouses;
  • Extension of Lougheed Parkway concept along South side of Lougheed Hwy;
  • Public plaza at Lougheed and Springer Avenue.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sugarfina Brentwood?

With Sugarfina looking for 10 new locations in Vancouver and Toronto including a location scheduled for Metrotown in November, it's conceivable that Shape Properties has been in touch with the company for a Brentwood location.

Sugarfina to open first Canadian freestanding store at Metrotown

The luxury candy retailer plans to open up to ten locations in the Canadian market

 Retail Insider
August 22, 2017

Luxury candy retailer Sugarfina has secured its first standalone store in Canada, taking the first steps in its multi-million dollar expansion plan. 
The Los Angeles-based company received $35 million in financing to fund expansion from private equity firm Great Hill Partners. Sugarfina will open at Metropolis at Metrotown in Burnaby on November 1, Retail Insider has learned. It is the first in a widespread expansion that will see freestanding stores in Canada and internationally in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. 
Sugarfina currently operates across Canada in all five of the country’s Nordstrom outlets.  
The Metrotown space is 1,098 square feet on the mall’s ground floor. Tony Flanz of Think Retail represented Sugarfina in its deal with Metropolis and Metrotown owner Ivanhoe Cambridge. 
The brand is seeking 600 to 1000-square-foot retail spaces in major regional malls. Sugarfina has confirmed that it is looking to operate as many as ten locations in Vancouver and Toronto. 
Think Retail will be overseeing its expansion. Think represents several regional retail chains located in major Canadian cities, including handbag and apparel brand Fossil and Scandinavian lingerie brand Change.  

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Linear Park traffic delays

As construction of Willingdon Linear Park along Willingdon Ave progresses, traffic delays have lately been more frequent between Brentlawn Drive and Hastings Street.

Monday, August 7, 2017

3-way stop coming to Goring and Holdom

According to the following City of Burnaby report, a 3-way stop has been approved for the currently uncontrolled intersection at Goring St and Holdom Ave.  Of further interest is the fact that the report has mentioned the future Dawson Street extension from Beta Ave to Douglas Rd within the next 5 years.

PUBLIC SAFETY COMMITTEE HIS WORSHIP, THE MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS SUBJECT: INTERSECTION OPERATIONS – GORING STREET AT HOLDOM AVENUE RECOMMENDATION: 1. THAT Council authorize the installation of all-way stop control at the intersection of Goring Street and Holdom Avenue, as detailed in this report. REPORT The Public Safety Committee, at its meeting held on 2017 July 11, received and adopted the attached report proposing upgrade of the traffic control at the intersection of Goring Street and Holdom Avenue.

RECOMMENDATION: 1. THAT the Committee recommend to Council the installation of all-way stop control at the intersection of Goring St at Holdom Ave as detailed in this report. REPORT BACKGROUND The City of Burnaby has received several requests to improve traffic operations and pedestrian safety at the 'T' -intersection of Goring Street and Holdom Avenue. The intersection is currently unsignalized wilh stop control for traffic arriving on Goring St while traffic on Holdom Ave has through priority. Motorists on the stop-controlled west leg experience extended delays at this intersection in the peak hours under the current configurations. Safety concerns have also been expressed by pedestrians due to the lack of crosswalks and suitable waiting areas. A traffic engineering review was completed based on the standard warrant analysis procedure from the Transportation Association of Canada (T AC) and the findings are summarized herein.

SITE LOCATION Figure I shows the location of the subject unsignalized 'T' -intersection of Goring St/Holdom Ave. The signalized intersection of Lougheed Hwy/Holdom Ave and the Holdom SkyTrain Station are located 160 metres to the north of this intersection. The surrounding area consists of high density residential developments, industrial land uses and mixed commercial and retail developments.

 EXISTING TRAFFIC CONDITIONS AND FUTURE CHANGES Traffic counts have been conducted for the purpose of this review. The analysis takes into account current operating conditions. The Holdom Station Area Plan envisions significant residential development activity in the next few years leading to a traffic volume increase. In addition, the easterly extension of Dawson St from Beta Ave to Douglas Rd anticipated in the next five years will impact Goring SI. This intersection will eventually require a higher form of traffic control such as a roundabout or a traffic signal due to developments and network expansions.

WARRANT ANALYSIS The City follows the Transportation Association of Canada (T AC) intersection traffic control warrant analysis procedure. This takes into account traffic and pedestrian volumes, roadway geometrics, crash history and nearby traffic control and network connecti vity. This procedure ensures consistency, addresses the safety of pedestrians and meets driver expectations. Applying the recent traffic count data and existing conditions, a warrant analysis was undertaken to assess the adequacy of the existing one-way stop control and determine any necessary upgrades. Based on the analysis, all-way stop control is recommended for this intersection. In conjunction with this traffic control upgrade, crosswalks and a corner right turn channelization island are also recommended. The southbound and eastbound approaches will be designed to include two separate lanes clearly delineated with adequate queue storage. Figure 2 shows the recommended changes.

CONCLUSIONS The existing traffic control at the Goring StiHoldom Ave intersection is inadequate under the existing peak hour traffic volumes. Staff has now completed a traffic engineering review and allway stop control is warranted under current conditions. This upgrade will improve the level of service and reduce delays experienced by motorists. The proposed design will also enhance the safety of pedestrians at the intersection. The recommended upgrades are estimated to cost approximately $60,000 and funding is available within the 2017 Capital Budget for Minor Traffic Management Projects (EMF.0063). Funding contributions from ICBC's Road Improvement Program will also be sought to help offset some of the City's cost for this proposed road safety improvement.